You KNOW this....Pinterest is a time sucker

I know so many people who love Pinterest.  It's a really easy way to make online file folder for things you don't want to forget about.  With beautiful pictures.  With websites.  With do it yourself instructions.  And so much more...

I tried to avoid it for so many years...1--Because it took me alot of practice using it over time to figure out how to use it properly and 2--it's a real time sucker.  Before you know it, you've spent hours on it browsing everything from animals to decorating.  I discovered my daughter used it in high school to find quotes she liked and then she would reproduce them on paper and color them.  I would never have thought of using it for that.  Never.  But it's all there! 

Since we opened shop and started a Lauralee Gifts Pinterest Page , I learned how to use it better and got some clarity on what to save and how to save it.  It's a great tool.  And now I love it.  I used it recently and got a lot of joy in collecting pictures of things I liked for our new/old house we just moved in to.  I could show John things I liked and we could talk about styles and colors because they were saved right there on my Pinterest page and my "1930 Bungalow" board.  

If you're not a Pinterest user, try it!  It's really fun.  Plus it automatically links you to how-to videos, fun-to-read blogs, recipes, and container gardening (Oh, I learned a fun tip there too!)

I could not understand this technique and never achieved this look until I saw it simply explained on Pinterest !  Nowww I get it!

The beautiful picturesque world is out there on Pinterest.  Just beware of the time sucker. 

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