What's all this about Unboxing?

What's all this about Unboxing?

When is the last time you had a pleasant unboxing experience?  Okay, let me explain. If you haven't heard of the "unboxing" craze....Well, "unboxing" is where you've ordered something online and the box shows up at your front door.  Oh joy!  You've had a long day, and opening this box is just what you need right now!  When you open that box, do you like what do you see inside?  Is it just an item in a box with a piece of bubble wrap?  OR, is it a nicely folded item in pretty tissue paper with the company sticker on it.  It makes you feel important.  You'll probably decide right then, to order from that company again, based on your unboxing experience from that company! 

Your unboxing experience is important to us. We want you to enjoy the experience of opening that box you brought in from your doorstep.  It's a great way for businesses like Lauralee Gifts to make you feel special about spending your money with us. Thoughfulness and caring goes into packing your orders everyday.  


In addition, we have created many channels at Lauralee Gifts in which you can shop. We're pretty proud of that!  No matter how you shop with us, you get a specially wrapped gift you can be proud to give or to receive.      

1.  You can view items online, and shop in person in our store.  

2.  You can order online, and leave us a note that you want to pick it up in our shop.  Should it be wrapped as a gift??  We can do that and have it ready for you.      

  3.  Or give us a call and we can set something aside for you to pick up after work. 

  4.  You can order online and have us ship it to a friend or relative.  Why struggle with the post office and packing when we can do it for you?

We know you will enjoy your experience when you shop with us!


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