Trying Eco-Friendly Products - SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT!

Trying Eco-Friendly Products - SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT!

How can we stop using all this plastic wrap

and ziplock bags?

We've been thinking about alternatives and I'm sure you have too! 
Over time, our desire for convenience has created so much unneeded plastic in our lives, and sadly, in our oceans and landfills.  And now we're here, trying to reverse the damage, and make our world better for our kids. 

Two years ago, someone told us about Swedish towels. 
Have you tried one yet?

We really couldn't imagine that a cleaning cloth would be a great product for a gift shop.   However, reluctantly, we brought them in to the shop. But, the story sure is a convincing one. 

Swedish cloths are a durable green, sanitary, and 100% biodegradeable product.  Customers began trying them and sharing them with friends and relatives as gifts!  Our customers are continuously telling us how much they really really love them!  You can use them without any kitchen chemicals.  I love them for glass, woodwork, and your countertops look fabulous after you wipe them down with these!

If you haven't tried them...They don't cost a lot and have cute designs that make them fun to use.  Come try one out.  You'll love it!


Eco-Awareness is ramping up. 

College students can now get a degree in sustainability in universities across the country.  Solar farms are popping up... not just in California.  It took a while, but most of us have finally embraced using refillable cups and water bottles.  We carry them everywhere!  

Last year, we heard about and researched Stasher silicone reuseable pouches that you can , heat, cool, wash and use over and over, instead of using ziplock bags.  Those seemed cool, but, it's still plastic and gives off undesirable chemicals. 

Recently, we heard about all natural food wraps that can be used to save lots of food items as an alternative to ziplock bags. These have been around for a few years, but are more affordable and gaining popularity, finally.  

We're trying a new find...Bee's Wrap. 

WASHABLE, REUSABLE, & COMPOSTABLE. Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap and form over a bowl, container, or piece of food. As the wrap cools, it creates a seal and stores food naturally. Wash in cool water with mild soap and air dry.

HANDCRAFTED IN VERMONT, the beeswax wraps last about one year when used several times each week. Wrap up cheese, fruit, vegetables, and bread. Cover a bowl or pack a snack for your next adventure. 

ECO-FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS. Made of organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. 

We're excited to use them in our own home and share with you how well they work.  We think they will also make great gifts for anyone in your life. 

The more we all try sustainable products, the more they'll catch on, and the more we'll change our way of thinking. We're on a quest to discover and bring you new products that make sense in our lives today. 


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