Maybe we all need a little Hygge

Maybe we all need a little Hygge

One of Oxford dictionary's 2016 words of the year was "HYGGE".  Pronounced, "hoo-guh", it is a Danish term that is best defined as a feeling of contentment or well-being.  

While our country is going through many changes as of this blog post, there's no direct translation of the Danish term "hygge", but it's best associated with the need of a little comfort.  Also, hygge is closely related to relaxation and perhaps gratitude.  A journalist once described the word as a feeling of "taking pleasure in gentle, soothing things, like a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a pair of comfy socks."

 Winter is the most "hygge" time of year.  You could have guessed that.  It's cold. We stay inside.  We want to wear warm, comfortable clothing.  This sense of comfort may make you feel happier. Living a more simple life and the feeling of community and family and come into focus.   I certainly like the idea of it and I've seen it in real life.  Let's remember to carry on....

Adapted from an article in the New Yorker Magazine. 

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