Local stories are the best stories

Local stories are the best stories

We are always scouting new products.  It's a constant, yet exciting and fun part of owning a business.  Sometimes products find us.  This is how we came to add Wicked + Woven soy candles to the shop.  


Lauren Yarina, owner of Wicked + Woven, has been making soy candles in Raleigh, NC for a couple of years now.  She got into it by making a specially created scented candle for a close friend who was going through a hard time.  He needed encouragement and motivation to be a wolf, or warrior, if you will.  Lauren came up with her signature scent named 'be a f**king wolf' to feed his soul and lift him up.  He loved it and it worked.  And, her small business began.  She built on the buzz of friends asking her for candles.  

See, Lauren is a Raleigh police officer.  Her job puts her on the streets of Raleigh, but she turned a side interest into a business.  She told me the cool story of how she was in need of a logo for her business.  Just like some products find us, her wolf logo and Wicked + Woven lettered logo found her.  They were designed by a 15 year old aspiring artist she met on a 911 call one night.  

We LOVE these custom-scented soy candles with unique wood wicks.  Each candle  is hand-painted in a reusable glass container with a reclaimed wood top that can be used as a decorative candle stand as well.  Completely created by Lauren at Wicked + Woven.  You can find Wicked + Woven on Instagram or Facebook 

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