Local Artist Spotlight:  NC Locally Made

Local Artist Spotlight: NC Locally Made

Since we opened in 2014, we've witnessed a distinct movement to shopping local for locally made products.  We certainly do love seeing that and we personally are seeking out those locally created gems ourselves.  The response to us bringing in locally handmade products has been amazing.  Some North Carolina items can be a little overdone here and there, but we search far and wide for quality vendors who make wonderful locally made products you haven't seen before.  The stories of products and their makers is what makes us different. We love hearing, learning and of course, sharing these stories with you.  

A local artist we feature is 12 years old!  Kate Evenhouse attends Lufkin Road Middle School and has been making jewelry since she was 8.  Her mom is an interior designer and she had leather samples that were going to be thrown away.  Kate came up with a way to reuse and upcycle those sample into wearable art!  She makes lightweight, colorful earrings.  Each shape and design is chosen by Kate!  Our customers have loved these earrings so much, we can't keep them in stock!  


Another local vendor just added is Lynne Fischer, who makes unique pottery.  She's very talented with design and texture.  Her glaze is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe-which you just don't see often!  Her pottery has been a huge hit with our customers, and she's right here in Cary!  Her collegiate designs are so popular, we can't keep them in stock!  

One of our local success stories is Lauren Yarina of Wicked + Woven.  She is a Raleigh police officer who started a candle business in her spare time.  She had never made a candle before!  But she wanted to make one for a friend who was going through a hard time.  She wanted to give it a name and scent that would empower and lift him up.  He, of course, loved it.  And a local business was born.  Lauren hand-paints the containers, uses unusual wood wicks, and creates fun names for her scents.  The wooden lids are made just for Lauralee Gifts and have the state of NC burned into the top. She's just come out with a perfume line that you'll die for!  When you try it, you'll have to have it.  They are all made from essential oils, not alcohol, so they are subtle and lovely, and just really get better all day while you are wearing it.  

A short list of local NC vendors we carry:
Lauren Sumner Pottery
Buck Naked Farm
Mooresville Historical Society
Sea Sand & Sun Jewelry
Vespertine Jewelry
Mollybeads Jewelry
Nature Bath & Body Candles
Anthony Stoneware
Dixon's Dollops
Killer Toffee
Sea Love Sea Salt
Home State Apparel 

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