Have you tried Raleigh's Larry's Coffee?

Have you tried Raleigh's Larry's Coffee?

Hey everyone!  Lauralee Gifts introduced Larry's Coffee in our shop last summer.  

Larry's Coffee is roasted and packed right here in Raleigh.  We like this local company for it's sustainable manufacturing process using solar power, and for Larry's efforts to create a smaller carbon footprint in his business.  Larry grew up in Seattle and had a great love for coffee. After attending graduate school in the southeast, he began building relationships with coffee bean growers across many countries to make their businesses and families self-sufficient as well.  You can read all about their process on Larry's Coffee website.  

As a result of selling Larry's Coffee in our shop, we also starting drinking Larry's Coffee at home.  We like the fact that it is smooth, not bitter, like the Starbucks we had been disappointed in and reluctantly drinking for so long!   We felt this new coffee could taste even better.  We wanted to be able to taste the nuances of the various coffee roasts and blends.  We realized we were using an ancient coffee maker and grinder. (I think the grinder is well over 20 years old--embarrassing!)  So we researched some coffee makers and grinders and replaced our antique equipment.  

Well...now that's more like it!  The coffee tasted better when we had the proper equipment!  Larry's coffee prides themselves on having the best equipment and sells coffee makers as well.  Recently they opened their own coffee shop here too, to share their love of coffee with our city.

We recommend medium blends like Bean Martin

but there are dark roasts like Bad Kitty 

and light roasts like Costa Little Ricky   Try them all.  We have!  You'll find your favorite coffee blend and feel good about buying local too.  

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