Exactly what IS in that cosmetic and body product?

Exactly what IS in that cosmetic and body product?

A lot has been written lately about how the US does not regulate as many additives in cosmetic and personal care products as other countries. Gwyneth Paltrow has been talking about it and has created a new clean cosmetic line. Her website is a fun read (http://goop.com/)  

A local blogger in Raleigh, Leigh Hines, has been investigating, using, and represents products on a mission to find companies that manufacture purer products. (beautycounter.com)

Because ladies, did you know we use an average of 6-8 products on our faces and bodies every single day?  WOW. Like some of you, we find ourselves sensitive to strong fragrance and harsh ingredients. 

Since we opened Lauralee Gifts, we’ve been of the mind that we wanted to carry bath and body care products that were responsibly made in the USA, with limited ingredients and thoughtfully processed-more handmade and with less harsh fragrances.  We like products you can feel good about using yourself, or giving as a gift. 

Click the links to see our selection.

Buck Naked Farm (made in Moncure, NC): natural soap, beard balm, lotion bar

Blithe & Bonny (made in California): lotion, hand cream, goats milk soap

Glowology (made in Kansas): hand wash, shower wash, lotion

Rinse (made in Georgia): skin sticks, homeopathic essential oils, lip balm

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