Are you a Rae Dunn Fan?

Are you a Rae Dunn Fan?

If you're not familiar with Rae Dunn, designer of hip, shabby chic home and kitchen pottery and decor, then you may be missing out.  I heard she's expected to be the next Joanna Gaines.  Oh, not sure who Joanna Gaines is....Does the word 'shiplap' mean anything?  Or Waco, Texas, or Magnolia Market or Fixer Upper on HGTV?  Let me clue you in on Rae Dunn. 

Here's  a picture of Rae Dunn...She's been working with clay for over 20 years, she's from California, and her pieces originally showed up in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods, and people devoured them.  Then, they stopped showing up in the discount shops.  And, they became hard to find and even more coveted!  This happened last summer in 2017.

Rae Dunn's designs are really not a big deal, but then again, maybe they are.  We found Rae Dunn's newest pieces and brought them into the shop.  This new line features CLEAR glass pieces that will coordinate with her classic simple, creamy white pieces that have become a real challenge to find for those who love her stuff.  I didn't realize how popular Rae Dunn was, but I do love Joanna Gaines designs on HGTV.  They are somewhat similar lifestyle brands.  There's room for both, based on the popularity of this neutral, clean, simple look the designers are going for.  That makes it easy to incorporate these pieces into your own home.  You'll find lots of blogs on the search for Rae Dunn's pieces, but this one caught my attention. 

Here's another.

It wasn't long until other designers caught on to her distinctive look.  Since Rae Dunn's pieces are hard to find and collectible, we've added a line very similar to hers. 


It's also got that neutral creamy white look with simple words. (Click the pictures to see ours online.) In addition, we've added Rae Dunn's new line of clear glass pieces and we think you'll find something that's affordable for a house warming gift, an addition to your own collection, or as an appreciated wedding gift.  Check out our Rae Dunn items online here.

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