The Best Gifts are Personalized

The Best Gifts are Personalized

 The Best Gifts are Personalized

If there's one thing we've learned in the gift business, it's that personal gifts matter. 

*Personal gifts celebrate our connection with people
*Personal gifts get a reaction out of the recipient.  It provokes emotion that makes us happy and bonds us together further. 
*Personal gifts are more memorable.  They last.  Every time we see that item, we remember fondly who gave it to us and for what occasion.  That's really what giving is all about!

When we say personal gifts, it's not as simple as just monogramming something.  Now, monogramming is nice, and it's personal, but one, you have to think far ahead to have it done, and two, it's been all the rage for a few years now, and I think we've got all the monogrammed items we need at this point. 

One example of a personalized gift is our popular giving bowls below.  They come in round or heart shapes.  They have simple messages, are handmade in Virginia, come in a cute bag with card that says the company gives back to animal charities.  It's so much better than a greeting card!  

You might say, "How do you choose a personal gift?"  Just by listening in conversations with friends and family, we can get many ideas!   Someone might say, I know she loves candles. Or, OMG, "She says that all the time!"  Or, I know she likes sea turtles. 

Even a simple $10-15 gift can be "personalized" by you, as the giver, by selecting a symbol, animal, saying, or favorite color that matches up with your recipient. This simple type of personalization helps us express how we feel about the recipient with a gift.  

For example, our Katie Loxton sterling silver bracelets fit the bill.  There are all kinds of charms on the bracelets and cards with messages to go along with the bracelet. 


We've got lots of other choices too!  Throughout the year, we continually scout for our huge selection of personalized gifts that you'll love to give.  We like to find unexpected things you might not find in every gift shop.  We also like to find little treats you might pick up for yourself!  

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