Dixon's Dollops for Easter!  Locally handmade confections.

Dixon's Dollops for Easter! Locally handmade confections.

We get approached on the regular from people who make products, jewelry, furniture, and more.  They ask us to take a look at their items to see if we would be interested in carrying these items in our shop.  We love this aspect of being in the gift business. We meet great people, and find such interesting new products!

So, Taryn Dixon, creator of Dixon's Dollops, came into my store one day. I liked her immediately!  She attended NC State, lives in Raleigh, is a Mom, and she's a hard worker. Taryn has true entrepreneurial juices running in her veins.  Her product is handmade "truffle" candy made from peanut butter and chocolate.  Seems simple enough, but I sure couldn't do it! 

How do they taste?  Amazing!  Since the debut of Dixon's Dollops in our shop, Taryn is constantly improving her product, packaging, and process. I like this about her.  She never stops.  That's why I know she'll be successful!   She accepts custom orders too.  For weddings, parties, and more.  Her website is www.dixonsdollops.com


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