Sea Salt from Wrightsville Beach - New flavors!

Sea Salt from Wrightsville Beach - New flavors!

Calling all foodies and friends who love to cook!  
New flavors of Sea Love Sea Salt  are available in our shop.  Customers have loved our coarse, all natural finishing salts in interesting flavors.  You'll love to try them yourself, or give to someone as a family chef's treat.  

Owner, Amanda Jacobs, hand-harvests seawater, by the 5 gallon bucket, from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.  She literally dips the buckets in the surf at the beach (what a job, huh?) and loads the buckets into her truck and heads back to the farm.  She filters the water and the salt is solar-evaporated.  She bottles it right down the road in Burgaw.  Great little "NC made" gift anyone would love.

Test kitchen:  We first tried it on some fresh butter beans, and thought it was so flavorful and fresh tasting.  I ate all those beans!  See it here.

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