Nordstrom to stop carrying Michael Kors Handbags

Nordstrom to stop carrying Michael Kors Handbags

I found this article today that says Nordstrom stores are going to stop selling Michael Kors handbags.  Why?  Because they say it's their most returned handbag at their stores.  Why?  Because of complaints of poor workmanship and quality. 

The bags are made in China and Vietnam.  I don't blame consumers!  Michael Kors bags cost a dang fortune and most of them are made of polyurethane, not real leather.  

Nordstrom stores are scrapping Michael Kors handbags

When we choose the handbags we want to carry in our shop, we don't shy away from those made in China necessarily.  We DO however, make sure they are up to our standards if we offer them to you in our shop.  Would we buy this bag?  Would we pay that much for it?  Does that look like a bag that's going to hold up to the wear and tear we put on it everyday?  We ask ourselves those questions before we add anything to our shop. 

Unfortunately we aren't going to escape the "made in China" label for everything we source for our shop.  It's sad but true.  We wish everything could be made in the USA.  We do watch every label and where it's made.  We'll keep finding the best of the unique gifts for you, hopefully local, but from beyond as well. 


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