Worry Eaters! - Back in Stock and Ready to Help Someone You Know!

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Featured product :  Moms, Grandmoms, Sisters, Friends, Caring Relatives, Recovering Adults, In Treatment Adults...


We introduced Worry Eaters last summer.  They have been a huge hit in our shop.  We have sincerely enjoyed hearing customers stories of who you will give it to and why.  It's wonderful to find a product that solves a problem.  And let's face it, we all know someone who is a worrier or has fears or concerns and could use a way to feel better about those feelings.   

Here's the concept:  Write down or draw your worries on paper.  Feed it to your favorite Worry Eater, zip up its mouth, and it takes all the worry away.  Use your favorite Worry Eater as a tool to discuss fears and worries.  They are soft and huggable, come in large and small, all gender neutral, but colorful and interesting.  Come pick your favorite.  Let it eat your worries away.  Order them online here.

Only $15.99 for small, $22.99 for large worry eaters. 

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