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The gift business is so rewarding and very challenging at the same time.  John and I constantly have to be on the lookout for new and different products to offer our customers. In my mind, I am always trying to best describe our shop.  We tend to compare ourselves to other gift stores.  It's just hard not to.  But it makes us strive to be different.  We would love to make Lauralee Gifts your go-to gift shop.  

Now that it's been more than a year since we opened, we can better define what we do.  We do small batch.  We do handmade.  We partner with local artisans.   We buy what we would like to give as a high quality gift.  We don't buy tons of theme gifts for particular "holidays." Rather, we live in the moment of the season we are in, and gather gifts that work for most anytime of the year.  

It's true, most of us have everything we need.  So giving gifts that are meaningful to the giver and the recipient is more important than ever.  We've been thinking lately more about consumable gifts.  For instance, our candles, seed scatter gardens, natural soaps, local farm products, and chocolates can be enjoyed and then used up.  In addition, we gather gifts such as charm bracelets and message jewelry can be chosen with a particular recipient in mind. We collect gifts that speak to you when you see it and say, "this is perfect for her or him!"  That makes our day every single time we hear it.

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