It's a Small World After All

It's a Small World After All

Many days in the gift business are so fun and random.  You meet the best people. I think I say that alot!  Yesterday I had a customer who came in and just love, love, loved the shop.  She said we had so many unique things.  I always love hearing that!   

I probably annoy my customers by actually chatting with them while they shop, but I enjoy it so much. I learn so many things and hear terrific stories.  This particular customer told me about her daughter, who has a new farm nearby, and makes natural products like soap and honey on her farm. (I love hearing about NC made items and we are always interested in carrying locally made items.) I usually take the time to check out a Facebook page or website to follow up when someone tells us about products they or someone they know makes.  


So I did.  The website was Buck Naked Farm and it's near Pittsboro, NC.  The website is beautiful and their products look fantastic.  I loved reading the blog too.  My own daughter's dream was always to live on a farm.  My relatives own farms in Missouri.  But, I can't imagine what it would be like to actually have a real working farm!  

Fast forward to Friday.  What a day.  So in walks a young woman from the rainy sidewalk.  We take one look at each other and we say, I know you.  Where do I know you from?  So we start talking and it turns out she's from Buck Naked Farm and heard from her mother about Lauralee Gifts yesterday!  She introduced herself. That's it! We know each other from Resurrection Lutheran Preschool, where I taught her son, Adam, years ago.  It really is a small world.  

We caught up and she showed me her handmade products.  Jennifer makes all the items herself on her farm.  The way Jennifer puts it, "We strive to preserve nature’s creations in a pure form.  We use few ingredients, no dyes, no artificial stuff. So our products are truly Buck Naked." Jennifer has her own bees and chickens, so the farm and products she'll make are ever-evolving.  She is just full of ideas and enthusiasm. 


We would be proud to partner up with Buck Naked Farm to offer her superior "buck naked" products at Lauralee Gifts.  Stay tuned...


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