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Worry Eaters Bill Lg HG1060

Worry Eaters Bill Lg HG1060

  • $ 2299

We loved Worry Eaters and had to have them in our shop. We all know or love someone (not just kids) who has worries, fears, and anxieties.

Write down or draw your worries on a piece of paper. Feed it to your favorite Worry Eater. Zip up his mouth and your worries get eaten away. Use this toy as a tool to discuss worries, concerns, and fears with your loved one.

They are soft and huggable. Use them for homework fears, in the car, exam/finals anxieties, trouble at work, a new job, a teen, new mom, or anyone you know who is a worrier.

Small size is 7 x 8 inches. Large is 12 x 9. Take them with you.