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Featured Local Artisan: Seaglass Designs

We discovered Seaglass Designs when a customer and employee gave us a tip that these handmade cosmetic bags were fabulous!  Cathy Glas designs and sews these handy bags right here in Cary, NC.  

Think Holly Aiken meets creative cosmetic bags.  These bags are totally unique! They are all embroidered designs on marine grade vinyl. What makes these special is that Cathy uses complimentary fabrics on the inside of the bags.  Some have vinyl inside too, so you can stash wet bathing suits, baby needs, and more without worry.  Just wipe clean.  Just that extra touch that makes these different from what you can get everywhere else. Remember, these are not made in China, but handcrafted by a local mother of 4!  Pretty handmade tassel detail. Use these for cosmetics at home or for snacks in the car for travel or the kids, organization in your kitchen or bathroom, and they make great girlfriend, bridesmaid, or a treat for yourself.